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You can sell coins using our API in your trader application. On this page you can find information about how this works. If you do not understand what it is about, then please leave the page.

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General Requirements

  • It is very important to rotate FIFA accounts. That is, if one player was purchased from account #1, then the next must be purchased from account #2. It is very important that the accounts are repeated as rarely as possible, because we do not want bans for either buyers or suppliers.
  • The number of API requests is no more than 10 per 10 seconds for each console. If the limit is exceeded, a block for 10 minutes occurs.
  • The application must have a limit for the minimum period between purchases from one account.
  • There is no need to confirm the player’s purchase, because the check is automatic.
  • If a player was picked up and not redeemed in 3 minutes, we are forced to block you for 30 minutes.

POP Method

Allows you to "pick up" one random player from the board. This player disappears from the general board for 3 minutes, during which he must be redeemed.

Attribute Description
fifa FIFA version
console ps, xb or pc
partner_id Your partner ID
timestamp Current Unix time
What is the unix time stamp?
signature MD5 hash: partner_id+secret_key+timestamp

Extra Options

min_buy Minimum player price
max_buy Maximum player price
take_after Take a player who appeared on the board at least X seconds ago

Passed as GET parameters. Example:



PHP code example:


$fifa = "22";
$console = "ps";
$partner_id = "123";
$secret_key = "90de0f9d3f99dc7706fe7bd1c559577e";
$timestamp = time();
$signature = md5($partner_id . $secret_key . $timestamp);

$url = "{$fifa}/{$console}/{$partner_id}/{$timestamp}/{$signature}";
echo $url;

Request example:


The response returns JSON as follows:

    "error": "",
    "message": "1 player popped",
    "player": {
        "tradeID": 269934329468,
        "startPrice": 94000,
        "buyNowPrice": 95000,
        "assetID": 189332,
        "resourceID": 50520980,
        "name": "Alba",
        "rating": 87,
        "position": "LB",
        "expires": 42836,
        "transactionID": 21914


Error Description
block Temporary blocking. Applies when a player has been picked up but not redeemed
empty There are no players available for redemption
limit The limit of redeemed players has been exceeded. It is allowed to have a maximum of 3 active players
maintenance The service is temporarily unavailable due to technical work
parameters Parameter validation error. See the Extra Options section
sign Signature verification error. Make sure it's formed correctly
throttle The number of requests has been exceeded. It is allowed to make 10 requests per 10 seconds
ts Current Unix time error

Here's an example of an error response:

    "error": "empty",
    "message": "Queue is empty"

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